Thursday, January 13, 2011

LocalrootZ Recipe 001 (Vegan Chili)

Ok so I've been asked more and more to post recipes.... Im gonna start with one that is good for everyone; vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, wheat free go for it !

Let's Start with the ingredients...

 2 cups dried beans
(so far this season Ive found jacobs cattle red kidney & yellow eye
where do yo find them? I get mine at Lois Natural but I saw some at the last winter farmers market too!)

6 medium sized tomatoes (olivias garden)

1 Medium Yellow Onion
(I have 20# or so left from Freedom Farm but you can probably find them at the farmers market this winter too!)

1 Whole Garlic
(swallowtail had some last week at the market... I get mine from Good Dirt Farm @ Lois Natural)

1 Package Tempeh
(from Lalibela Farm if you cant find this then your beyond help... they are always at the market as well as numerous lil foodie locales throughout southern me)

2 Cayene, 1 Habenero, 1 Poblano  or any Hot Peppers to taste....
(I grew a bunch and dried them this year but I think Fishbowl may have some around usually...if not substitute hot sauce and next year remember to save some or make your own hot sauce when hot peppers are in season !)  

4 Tbsp Sunflower Oil
(also available in many places including Lalibela's stand at the market) 

Also used... Maine Sea Salt to Taste !

Ok so step one is to soak the beans... I usually put them in a medium pot and fill it to the 3/4 mark and let it sit for 6-8 hours while Im at work....once home I strain, then rinse and put into a large pot... fill half way with water and boil hard for 30-60 minutes depending on soaking time and bean variety. Beans are like pasta... pull one out every 5 minutes and give it a try....but wait at least a half hour first !

While the beans are boiling lets saute the other ingredients...
in a frying pan add your sunflower oil, then crush and chop garlic and onions rather coarsely
add oil in hot pan...cube the tempeh and also add to the pan...
Brown on high heat for about 5-10 minutes

As the beans boil down close to your desired consistency, monitor the water level so you are
not letting them burn. add more water if needed...then when they are ready, strain off excess water but leave enough in the pot to keep the beans may not need to strain. Now is the time to turn heat to low and add the hot peppers, crushed for HOT, whole for mild... I leave the real hot ones whole and crush the poblano for a little extra heat... your choice! Also add the browned tempeh mixture as well as your tomatoes but chop them as shown below....

Keep that pot simmering on low for an hour or so tasting it periodically...

You should get it down to a less soupy consistency and more like gravy such as below...

thats when you know the flavors all have melded together...
Enjoy !

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  1. saw the article in the PPH and congratulate you on the project. thought you might be interested in Maine Coast Vinyard, wine produced from grapes grown in Falmouth...chk it out!


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