Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awakening from hibernation....

 Greetings, its been awhile and I apologize.  It been a tough winter as far the weather and Cassi and I have really been living the home body lifestyle and enjoying those non-local treats we had been missing last year... more on those in a bit.  First, I wanted to thank all my friends and family for coming out to the June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland for the group painting show I displayed my work at in January.  It was a big success and I got to see alot of old faces that I hadn't seen in years.  I have another show coming up in a few weeks at the Belfast Co-Op and I am so happy to have the opportunity to continue showing my art in public space other than just galleries !  The more the merrier... in case you have not had the chance to visit my art website recently, it has gotten a face lift for 2011. Check it OUT !

Another exciting thing in our lives currently is that were just selected as a finalist to win a Green Wedding @ Clay Hill Farm in Cape Neddick, ME.  We are super blessed to have this opportunity and will need your help for the final step of the contest... check back soon for more info on that.

(my 45rpm's are well organized)
As for what we have been up to as of late...  music has been on my mind as usual and after a couple radio shows and gigs around town Im getting pretty amped for warm weather and more frequent gigs.
Ive actually been posting more frequently in the reggae music world and if your interested you should check out my other blog that I share with fellow soundman Geofferson.
Together we are Cognizant Sound
Cognizant Sound has been selecting tunes and chattin up the reggae scene since 2002. Representing Cognizant Sound is Geofferson, who is currently based out of Philadelphia and Lukaduke outta Portland, ME. Cognizant Sound has been supplying pure conscious vibes all along the East Coast. With a heavy emphasis on roots and culture, Cognizant Sound will take you on a musical ride through the classic riddims of yesterday all the way up to the current boom tunes running Jamaica and the rest of the world.  Keep it Cognizant!

Ok what else is happening... so much news!  Have you been going to the Winter Farmer's Market every week?  There has been some wonderful food there... the best new addition to the market has to be Ryan & Gina of Commonwealth Farm.  The breads they make and the mushrooms they cultivate are top notch.  Ive actually been in communication with them about participating in their duck slaughter in June... yes we are considering adding fowl to the ingredient lists, but if that happens I will be involved in the process.  Anyway more on that when the time comes...
Commonwealth Farm Shiitake Mushrooms
Some other great Winter Market selections....

Now I did mention the relaxing of of our local food restrictions...we have been thoroughly enjoying the occasional avocado, coconut, rice, chocolate, hummus and other delectable treats that we had been missing.  However with spring just around the corner those treats will become less and less appealing as the farmers market blooms with tasty new local goodies !

Anyway here is my sinful approach at a 4 course Japanese style dinner at home....
(sorry bout the quality  they were rushed because the batteries needed a charge)
Maine Shrimp Miso Soup
(actually almost all local maine shrimp,Atlantic seaweed, garlic, shallots and a dash of South River Miso from MA.)

Avocado Salad with Peanut Sauce
and crispy garlic.
Miso Soy Maine Shrimp with Maple Miso Delicata Squash
tossed with b/w sesame seeds
Pan Seared Scallops over Miso Mustard
with Lemon Salted Green Beans

So really it was a pretty local centric dish with the exception of a few sauces, avocados and those green beans which I were from Florida and they were the last bag on the shelf at my job.  Oh and while Im plugging everything in my life... the Produce department I manage at Lois' Natural has been nominated for "Best Fresh Produce" !  Its tough competing against the farmers market but my customers enjoy the local selections our local farmers provide.

Ok ok I promise Ill get another 100% local recipe  up this week and don't forget to check back soon to see how you can help us win the Grand Prize in the Green Wedding Giveaway !

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