Sunday, December 26, 2010

a Reggae Holiday !

Come wind your waist and put a smile on your face..... BIG TUNES from early out!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings from the LocalrootZ Project !

Another Christmas is here and I am home for the's always a great time to get reacquainted with my old friends and relatives and am looking forward to 2011 very much !  I will be updating the format of the blog...We are thinking of dropping a 100% local and seasonal recipe every week throughout 2011.  That seems like a much easier format rather  than the day to day that lasted a couple hundred days this past year !  It will also leave more time for me to concentrate on my artwork as well as special events happening in the local food scene as well as highlighting some great farms and producers throughout the year.  

Also stay tuned for a music video highlighting the "Best of LocalrootZ Project 2010" !

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Week in Review...

Stockin' up from the Saturday Deering Oaks Farmer's Market !
Now that we have a bunch of great local goodies....
Let's begin with Dessert.... We love Pumpkin Pie !
 First you gotta roast the pumpkin....
and presto you have a pie !
Anyone want a slice ?
Ok, now an easy dinner full of shellfish...
 start with alot of chopper garlic & shallots
 Lightly saute with some raw butter...
add a good pour of white wine....
gather your shells...Steamers from Scarborough, Mahogany Clams from Bath and Damriscotta Oysters!
  add steamers and clams.... cover, when they pop open drizzle a quarter cup or so of heavy cream and a sprinkle of sea salt !
 shuck some oysters...
 dress a couple with some shallots, some wine and some straight up !
serve with some garlic toast !
 enjoy it with someone you love !
from classy to classic... tomato & basil grill cheese !
Goes wonderful with Local harvest Ale from Sebago !
A shrimp saag with samosa's made with leftover pie dough from the pumpkin pie !
It's the start of Maine shrimp season... buy it by the 5# for a wicked good deal... 
a scrambled egg breakfast....with a glass of cider which has a waning supply this year, probably due to the late frost we got after all those warm early spring days.
a hearty breakfast !
speaking of hearty a nice whole wheat crust with butternut squash puree, goat cheese from sunset acres and ricotta salada from Swallowtail Farm and some red onions from Freedom Farm..mmmmm!
another hearty meal.... roasted potatoes for cassi, smashed for me and a big heap of haddock and stuffing, leftover from a dinner party we had the night before.
 I used the Maine shrimp instead of crabmeat in this batch of stuffing, and I'm almost finally out of Mother oven bread...that's right I still had a stash in the freezer !
 More and more oysters... we been knocking back a dozen a day; St. John's, Glidden Points, Winterpoint and Pemaquids...they taste so good this time of year when they are plump and fat in order to survive the winter !
My two most favorite kitchen tools... wusthof knife and oyster shank !
the last of that leftover stuffing...filled up a delicata squash from New Leaf Farm for this dinner!
and a nice local vegan chili I whipped up for a special guest... more on that coming up in January.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Have We Been Eating ?

So we have been struggling the last few weeks... time has been a major factor in the struggle with a few commisioned pieces weighing on one end and the holiday sale coming up I was strapped for time and motivation in the kitchen... the good news is we have become reacquainted with a few of our old sushi hangouts, Ohno breakfast sandwiches and various goodies from our true guilty pleasure Aurora's Provisons...but we have kept to our values for many of home cooked local dinners and snacks in between the slackness of the holiday season.  As testament to the localrootz project we have an occasional photo to show how we have progressed and regressed !

 cooking up some dinner !

eat local Indian Style.... curry spice from farmer @ the Commonground Fair !
the last of the eggplant and sungolds (they stored for weeks in the storage hall) from out of our garden... this looks like late October/early November to me !

Simple local breakfast Scrambled Eggs, Aroostook Wheat Toast and garlic sweet potato homefries
gotta love Snell Farms sweet potatoes !
Sunnyside down with toast and sauteed tat soi from Green Spark !
Local indian inspired dinner part two...
Pumpkin Rosemary Soup
with Pan fried Cauliflower
and spinach saag

Wild Mushroom Omelet with Sweet Potato Homefries and yummy cider !

An mid November Farmer's Market Grab !
Cider, Squash, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Fingerling taters, Jerusalem Artichokes, Cippolini Onions, Eggs, Goat Milk, Tat Soi and Brussel Sprouts... Yummm

Back on the scene....

Greetings,  I want to thank each and everyone who passed through the MECA holiday sale this past weekend !  It was great to see so many familiar faces and to get acquainted with a lot of new ones as well.  Anyway, it was a great success and for those of you who may have missed out here is a little glimpse at the Localrootz table and some of the merchandise I had on hand !

the Localrootz Table !

 Recycled Handpainted Portland Buoy Bags

some Localrootz Handpainted Cigar Boxes

and our favorite the Localrootz Breadbox !
(I priced this kinda high because we wanted to keep it)
I also had a "Portscape Series" of greeting cards that included 5 !
Those were a big hit and I will have more of those available to purchase in the next couple days...stay tuned I will post a link here when they drop !

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