Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rooftop growth.

Rooftop Growth.

the Soil Box is where the soil from last year is stirred and tossed into some fresh compost and the addition of perlite and vermiculite to lighten up the consistency resulting in good drainage and maximum root growth. Anyhow the leftover soil seemed like a good place for a smorgasbord of flowers with a mix of hot peppers too... and some of it is already blooming nicely !

Soil Box contents include:
Portaluca, Gazanias, Sonata Cosmos, Echinacea, Tithonia Sunflowers, Jalepeno Peppers.

Detail of the blooming Gazanias.

Its a daily task to sweep away the daily discharge from the big towering maple tree above.

Just about ready for the first meal of Rainbow Chard and flavor bombs of fresh Herbs.

Heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers are doing great in the cold frame... just about time to pull them out and stake them up.

Always great to have a herb box to spruce up dinner.

This years batch is:
Oregano, Lovage, Thyme, Savory, Lemon Balm, Sage and Chives...

the Lemon Balm is winning, probably going into some tea this weekend.

Also growing on the rooftop this year is a tight lil grouping of Rainbow Chard and Tuscan Kale.

I plan on harvesting most of these on the smaller size and not letting them get out of control as the amount of soil is not really sufficient for lush thick stalks, but we shall see how they progress.

Munching a little spinach but the heavy heat has got it wondering what happened to spring.

The summer breeze has been good for the deck and it's always so satisfying to see hard work pay off. Lots of hours have been spent this spring sifting soil, planting, watering and sweeping... but as nature responds to your efforts it always seems easier and more gratifying everyday especially when you get to eat your rewards.

Stay tuned for some early harvest dishes, an upcoming trip across the border and a community garden plot update !

Monday, June 9, 2014

Progress in the potential...

Well it has been a month since I last checked in about my urge to grow and I am happy to say progress has been made.  Spring cleaning has been in full effect and the garden plot and rooftop growing season is getting underway. Over the past few weeks the cold frame has been rewrapped, spinach, kale, chard, herbs and onions have been planted and the tomatoes seedlings are shaping up nicely with the help of the finished cold frame.

With the cold frame up and running... tomatoes are nearly twice this size with the recent burst of heat and the remaining seed starts are going to be planted in the garden plot tomorrow. Was hoping to get to them this past weekend but transplanting on days with the temperatures in the 80's is usually not a good idea. It seems this sudden burst of summer heat is fading away for a few days and cloudy 60 degree days are in the mix for the rest of this week... I will update with pictures of the garden plot over the next few days ! 

A view inside the cold frame, a nice little heirloom tomato collection...

Soil has been sifted and pots cleaned... now everything is soaking in some heavy sun rays and the growth is bursting day by day !

This little guy was taking a bath and keeping me company while out at the rooftop garden.

Mmmm all this work now its time for a nice local dinner... Tonights feast !

Fresh Casco Bay Cod crusted in cornmeal and pan fried in sunflower oil. 
Served with a side of roasted potatoes with ramps and fresh asparagus from Mooar Farm !

Paired with a delicious bottle of Grgich Fume' Blanc.

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