Thursday, November 19, 2009

the long awaited update.....

Greetings all,

I didn't forget about you...but I have neglected you. A quick update, yes, I have still been enjoying a "maine" based diet for the last few months but it has gotten pretty slack at points ! I have strayed very much from the local "diet" when it comes to beverages because yes it is beer season and I have been thoroughly enjoying a vast array of domestic and imported brews....

On a quick side note i would highly recommend the following...

Cantillon :


I also have parked the turntables after a very successful summer/fall... in order to concentrate on painting and organizing my life for the next chapter of artistic endeavors. As for the "Local rootZ" project I feel this blog and the most recent solo show that I had @ the Arm Factory, has been a pre-game for a much bigger project that I am currently getting myself ready to commit too. It will require alot of determination as well as much sacrifice but I've found that when I fully engage my daily life into my work, I create work that resonates not only with myself but also with the general public.

The next step in which I am currently focusing my energy on is setting up a "real" website that creates a more multidimensional approach towards documenting my artistic lifestyle. However, I am new to this and it is a frustrating experience, however, I am learning important things that will allow me to express my ideas in a much more clear and stimulating format !

I have big plans that include writing a book, a gigantic new body of work, printed material, and a new england bicycle tour... making stops @ media outlets, universities, farms, galleries and music clubs in which I can provide visual, intellectual and booty shaking entertainment to the people. I am also currently investigating different ways in which I can obtain funding. This funding would be used to obtain a portable solution for bringing a multimedia experience via bicycle ...I am currently applying for grants and pursuing some individual donations as well as continuing my full time employment as produce manager. Anyone wanting to donate to the cause by contacting me:

Id also like to thank Hugo's restaurant for showcasing my painting at the 9th Annual Maine Potato Dinner which was dedicated to the late Jim Cook.
Keep posted for a limited edition print run happening in early 2010
w/ part of the profits going to the Crown of Maine

As far a upcoming events in the near future....

Holiday Show @ Rise Gallery
December 17th - 23rd

Opening Reception : December 18th 5pm-9pm

864 Broadway
South Portland

Stay Tuned for coming in 2010 !
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