Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pecha Kucha Presentation....

Pecha Kucha is a worldwide event that allows creative types from many different disciplines the opportunity to showcase their passions in a strict format. 20 slides x 20 seconds a slide !

For more info visit PECHA KUCHA

"Local rootZ" Painting Series One

the "Local rootZ" Series Vol. 01

Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas
16" x 16"

"Inspiration germinatioN"
Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas
40" x 36"

"Arrowtop & sidehillZ"
Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas

"Portland farmZ"
Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas
"Farm to citY"
Acrylic & Enamel on Wood

"Local rootZ"
Acrylic, Enamel, Gold Leaf, Marbled Paper
on sustainable harvest baltic birch

"the Crown of Maine"
(a tribute to Jim Cook)
Acrylic & Enamel on Wood
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