Sunday, December 31, 2023

Hibernal Solstice.

An idyllic wet snow blanketed our homestead by mid December, though as recent winters have shown, the roller coaster weather rolled back with a nasty wallop of rain and wind that knocked power out for many around the state and caused a lot of havoc with flooding and property damage.

After cleaning up from the storm it was time to gussy up the home with some seasonal cheer as the solstice quickly approached. I was able to score a good clutch of winterberry that I foraged along a ATV trail nearby and gathered other offerings from our land to set the mood. Pinecones are super abundant this year and the storm brought that realization to the forefront.

Setting the mood with some old timey Christmas music pumping on the bluetooth speaker as I unfurled the strands of lights and got to work just in time for the sun to set and the lights to glow with hope and warmth as winters darkness embraces the calendar.

As the solstice came we celebrated with our annual family trip up to the "Gardens Aglow" at the Coastal Maine's Botanical Gardens

A brisk stroll through the magical lights always warms the soul and sets the mood for the fast approaching holiday season.

Even the trolls turned up for the celebration!

Hazel has been leaning on the more adventurous side in her activities and occasionally at the dinner table too! Oysters have become a more common snack since introducing her to the briny delights this past summer.

Speaking of dinner... the Christmas Eve feast had to make an appearance as we are still working our way through the leftovers and nobody seems to be complaining!

The magic of Christmas is alive and well at the LocalRootz Homestead! It is so fun seeing the excitement in your child's eyes as they get spoiled with thoughtful gifts from every corner of the family tree. Lots of activities and crafts for the winter stretch along with some guilty pleasures that are just perfect for those cold snowy mornings. 

The glow of the tree brings joy to us all including our beloved Maple!

Cheers to 2024... I have my resolutions that I will focus on and hold myself accountable for, but in general I hope for a year of being inspired, being productive and being the best husband and father I can be to my lovely wife Cassi and daughter Hazel. 

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