Thursday, May 8, 2014

Potential 2014

Garden Plot (Valley Street)

So Im not going to lie... its been a lazy break from the Localrootz project. I've been saturated in the beer culture and slacking at this blog big time. Today, spring is finally here as I sit with anticipation and ask myself why I am sore from weeding and tilling. I remember when these things use to be easy, like hopping on my bicycle everyday. Every pedal stroke was not a chore, every local meal we constructed was not just so I could post a picture on the internet. It was about a conscious choice that myself and my wife made to each other and the community we live in. Now I am not saying we jumped off the wagon completely,  we do still buy  locally produced products whenever its available... we just slowly strayed from the local or nothing attitude and the longer we strayed the more disconnected we became. From every action there is a lesson, and from each lesson we can only learn and grow. Today I am feeling a tremendous urge to grow... 

 Im not here to make any assumptions of what to expect from this blog in the weeks, months and years to come, but I am here to say that the wintered soil has cracked, the rich fertile compost of time has uncovered a new morning and with enough sunshine, an occasional soak from the heavenly clouds above and a lot of focus and will. The localrootz project will push on !

Stay tuned.
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