Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Week in Review...

Stockin' up from the Saturday Deering Oaks Farmer's Market !
Now that we have a bunch of great local goodies....
Let's begin with Dessert.... We love Pumpkin Pie !
 First you gotta roast the pumpkin....
and presto you have a pie !
Anyone want a slice ?
Ok, now an easy dinner full of shellfish...
 start with alot of chopper garlic & shallots
 Lightly saute with some raw butter...
add a good pour of white wine....
gather your shells...Steamers from Scarborough, Mahogany Clams from Bath and Damriscotta Oysters!
  add steamers and clams.... cover, when they pop open drizzle a quarter cup or so of heavy cream and a sprinkle of sea salt !
 shuck some oysters...
 dress a couple with some shallots, some wine and some straight up !
serve with some garlic toast !
 enjoy it with someone you love !
from classy to classic... tomato & basil grill cheese !
Goes wonderful with Local harvest Ale from Sebago !
A shrimp saag with samosa's made with leftover pie dough from the pumpkin pie !
It's the start of Maine shrimp season... buy it by the 5# for a wicked good deal... 
a scrambled egg breakfast....with a glass of cider which has a waning supply this year, probably due to the late frost we got after all those warm early spring days.
a hearty breakfast !
speaking of hearty a nice whole wheat crust with butternut squash puree, goat cheese from sunset acres and ricotta salada from Swallowtail Farm and some red onions from Freedom Farm..mmmmm!
another hearty meal.... roasted potatoes for cassi, smashed for me and a big heap of haddock and stuffing, leftover from a dinner party we had the night before.
 I used the Maine shrimp instead of crabmeat in this batch of stuffing, and I'm almost finally out of Mother oven bread...that's right I still had a stash in the freezer !
 More and more oysters... we been knocking back a dozen a day; St. John's, Glidden Points, Winterpoint and Pemaquids...they taste so good this time of year when they are plump and fat in order to survive the winter !
My two most favorite kitchen tools... wusthof knife and oyster shank !
the last of that leftover stuffing...filled up a delicata squash from New Leaf Farm for this dinner!
and a nice local vegan chili I whipped up for a special guest... more on that coming up in January.

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