Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Have We Been Eating ?

So we have been struggling the last few weeks... time has been a major factor in the struggle with a few commisioned pieces weighing on one end and the holiday sale coming up I was strapped for time and motivation in the kitchen... the good news is we have become reacquainted with a few of our old sushi hangouts, Ohno breakfast sandwiches and various goodies from our true guilty pleasure Aurora's Provisons...but we have kept to our values for many of home cooked local dinners and snacks in between the slackness of the holiday season.  As testament to the localrootz project we have an occasional photo to show how we have progressed and regressed !

 cooking up some dinner !

eat local Indian Style.... curry spice from farmer @ the Commonground Fair !
the last of the eggplant and sungolds (they stored for weeks in the storage hall) from out of our garden... this looks like late October/early November to me !

Simple local breakfast Scrambled Eggs, Aroostook Wheat Toast and garlic sweet potato homefries
gotta love Snell Farms sweet potatoes !
Sunnyside down with toast and sauteed tat soi from Green Spark !
Local indian inspired dinner part two...
Pumpkin Rosemary Soup
with Pan fried Cauliflower
and spinach saag

Wild Mushroom Omelet with Sweet Potato Homefries and yummy cider !

An mid November Farmer's Market Grab !
Cider, Squash, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Fingerling taters, Jerusalem Artichokes, Cippolini Onions, Eggs, Goat Milk, Tat Soi and Brussel Sprouts... Yummm

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