Thursday, January 13, 2011

the First Winter Farmers Market of 2011 !

So it has started...
More info available by clicking HERE !

Oh and just in case you hadn't noticed I designed the flyer this year !

So enough boasting... here are the goods from week one !
 A quick rundown...
Spinach from Fishbowl
Tomatoes from Olivia's Garden
Winterbore & Red Russian Kale from Goransen
Tempeh from Lalibela (Thanks Jaimie)
Zucchini Relish from Tom's Honey
Oatmeal Bread from Cornerstone (I think)
Macintosh Apples & Salad Mix from Uncles
Eggs from Summit & Maine-ly
and then from Swallowtail...
Irish Soda Bread, Machego, Mozzerella, & Ricotta Salada
as well as a big ole chunk of Camembert Cheese !
(Thanks Lauren)

Merrimac was also excited to have some greens again!
More farmer goodies to come !

But for now here is a few 100% Local breakfasts to inspire you through your week...

Scrambled Spinach Eggs with Yukon Homefries and Oatmeal Toast
And my workday starters... Sunnt Up Egg & Kraut on Oatmeal Bread
then for lunch a salad with kraut, goat cheese and a lil cider garlic dressing !

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