Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 176-190 LocalrootZ Project (June 26-July 11, 2010)

Oh Boy...what a couple weeks its been.  Sorry I got derailed from my task at hand. I will try not to let the blog slide between the cracks in the final couple months of summer.  I think Im going to lump the last couple weeks in one long post.... are you ready? Ok hear is what Ive been eating and doing while I was away....

A nice farmers market breakfast....
some local grown flowers for Cassi....
Maple Ice Cream w/ Saskatoon Cherry Crisp
Broccoli, Snap Pea, Tofu and Spicy Bean Dip Stir Fry
sooo hot outside and our 3rd floor attic apartment is a scorcher... hence a quick stir fry night after night... So good to have local New Leaf Farm Broccoli and Heiwa Tofu mmmmm !
Maine Shrimp, Green Spark Farm Cauliflower and snap peas soooo good!
and did I mention our good friends Geofferson and Hannah are in town for a bit from Philly.  Geofferson is also the other half of Cognizant Sound.  If you haven't been paying attention, Cognizant Sound is a reggae soundsystem that started in Portland back around 2003...?  Anyway, I always enjoy getting a chance to feed friends and with them staying just blocks away we have plans to eat dinner together frequently while they are still around !  On this night we enjoyed a Garden Plot salad with a  tasty honey garlicscape pesto dressing followed by yet another broccoli, snap pea and tofu stir fry, and  since it was a special occasion I also whipped up some pan fried goat cheese stuffed Zucchini blossoms that I had scooped out of the garden plot that morning ! Yum
 Cheers !

An excellent Indian inspired stir fry that incorporated our curry powder from the cupboard !  The inclusion of curried cauliflower and roasted potatoes as well as some fennel created a complex dish the blew me away... NEED MORE CAULIFLOWER !  Thanks to Green Spark Farm.
then it was off to Pierce Pond for a long weekend at my friend Brian's camp.

 Cassi and I needed a break from the city...
 I was hard to get away from the fire pit and the rocker swing for most of the weekend!
Our fabulous 4th of July Host Brian !
As the sun goes down the fire awakes....
as well as the loons and alcoholic beverages....
a wonderfully relaxing weekend where the camera was always packed away and i was in no rush to do much of anything but chill.... I don't really stop much these days and was glad to have the opportunity to do so.  We also had great company from with Brian having his fiancee Melissa as well as her brother Brian and his buddy Matt.  Good Company and good times.  We ate very locally but did cheat with a few items to make life a little easier...
I also took some time to paint a couple afternoons away while the rest of the crew went on kayak excursion and afternoon siestas.
none of which are done but I wanted to show you that the whole weekend wasn't completely unproductive !
and then we returned to the fine city rejuvenated and off to Geno's to sell some goods.... didn't go so well but Im sure Ill start moving some prints when i finally set up shop at the Deering Oaks Farmers Market !
Another thing waiting for our return was the garden plot... First Snow Pea and Zucchini harvest !
The garden is looking wicked... I also grabbed some young onions because the cukes are choking them out !
Now we had leftover pasta from the camping trip as well as my own homemade tomato sauce made with Olivias Tomatoe's so we decided with the heat and our newly acquired zucchini that we should go ahead and use what we had ... 100% local with the addition of a bag of bio-nature organic rotini... we will make our own pasta again soon but we were not about to make our own pasta in a tent.  Anyway enough explaining it was sooooo good, with the combination of garlic scape pesto and zucchini, some fresh Olivia's cherry tomatoes.
the next night we had the leftovers with the addition of some yellow zucchini from New Leaf Farm as well as some baby swiss chard from our rooftop deck!

July 10th Farmers Market
Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, New Potatoes, Lebanese Squash, Patty Pan, Cauliflower, Eggs, Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, Fava beans, Cabbage, Green Garlic, Carrots, Broccolini Rapini , Golden Cuke, Green Onions and Cherry Tomatoes
Thanks so much to Green Spark, Freedom, Fishbowl, South Paw, Good Start and Ocean House Farm
for all the wonderful produce !

Tomato & Zuke Omelet
w/ Pesto Potatoes
& Aroostook Wheat Toast
Still working on the beer consumption... hot days and many visitors make it very hard !
A bit salty and smug Ive been told....
and what have Merrimac & Irie been up to... well they've been real real busy.


  1. so about how much do you spend at the farmers' market each week?

  2. It varies from week to week but Id say anywhere between $30-$80. Certain things like berries make spending easier...but other than that I get by most of the week with an occasional stop to the fish market or Ill grab some tempeh or tofu from my Id say $100 a week feeds the two of us. I plan on tracking my cost during a couple weeks after I go away this summer. That way the cupboards will be bare and I can get a better idea of how much eating local costs... everyone thinks it soooo expensive but I tell them that cutting back on cable television and tattoos will even it out !


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