Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 191 LocalrootZ Project (July 12, 2010)

Pesto Potato Homefries
w/ Sunny Up Egg

Snap Peas
Diced Tomato w/ Sea Salt

A Cognizant Dinner
Cold Summer Salad
Baked Cusk Parm
over fresh Spinach

So the cold summer salad was a fresh raw combination of coarsely chopped fennel, gold & marketmore cukes, gold carrots, celery, kholrabi a bit of cider vinegar follow by some shredded asiago.

Another wonderful dinner with Geofferson & Hannah... on the eve before they made the ardous journey back to the land of cheesesteaks and landlocked city stickiness, we got them over for another cognizant dinner.  After learning they were occasional fish eaters I got the go ahead for this trusty dish that always pleases. At least Im 2 for 2 with it thus far... The dish is easy and only requires boiling down a quick tomato sauce...then while waiting simply cornmeal dust and pan fry some fish as the sauce reduces. In this case I chose cusk @ 3.99/# and nobody noticed till I told them 1/2 way through dinner... In this dish the fish serves mainly as a texture and the browner you can get the cornmeal the better chance you have of getting a better texture to your final dish... a little hint for you cooks out there.  Im slowly learning new tricks and techniques but the best advice is if you keep it simple and use top notch ingredients  ehhhem ehhem FARMERS MARKET... you really cant go wrong !  Ok anyhow I digress, it was a wonderful dinner with great company and we will await the return of Geoff & Hannah to Portland in a couple weeks.  But before we let them go we twisted their arm and convinced them to stay for dessert...

Raspberry & BlackBerries
over blueberry cornbread
topped with
Blueberry Ice Cream

DAMN we be spoiled !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 22 miles bicycle

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