Friday, July 2, 2010

LocalrootZ Update....

So its friday fourth of july weekend and Im trying to edit the past weeks meals and such and it is just not happening.  Cassi and I are headed up North to a place simply described as heaven. A pond in the Tr- districts of Maine where not eough people live to even give the town a name... I will be at a camp that you must boat across a lake in order to arrive...middle of no where and just the way i like it.As for the project...I have been slacking as of recent on the blog and this weekend is hopefully going to be the reset button that Ive been waiting for.  We have stayed very true to an all local based food but have strayed quite a bit from the beverage side of things... mainly a beer here a coffee there... its been a challenge but I feel our message is still clear and intentional. I have vowed after this weekend away to ease off the coffee and beer for awhile and to really concentrate on my goals with this project.  It has proven a difficult task as we enter the summer season with daily visit from out of town friends and trips of our own that throw speed bumps in our roads towards local living !

Happy Independence Day !
Please visit the Saturday Farmers Market and treat your friends and family with a local meal on this beautiful July weekend.  The greatest independence is food independence !

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