Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 140 LocalrootZ Project (May 22, 2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt
w/ Honey

 Wow ! What a week for locavores... let see;
Microgreens from Thirty Acre, Radishes, Tat Soi & Broccoli Rab from Mary Ellen & Austin, Baby Beets & Spinach from Fishbowl, Asparagus from Serendipity, Baby Bok Choy from Dandelion, Arugula at Lalibela,  Goat Mozzarella & Milk from Tourmaline,  Provolone & Yogurt from Swallowtail and finally if I remembered Scallions and ?? from Meadowood... as I type this Im not sure which is funnier... recalling every last purchase or the fact that the only purchase that wasn't edible, the flowers for Cassi... is the only one in which the name escapes me...if Ill be damn what kind are these??? Just goes to show you how much food is always on our minds...

Sunnyside Up Egg
over Asparagus & Baby Arugula
Fermented Slaw with Chevre
Yukon Gold Homefries
Slice of Spelt Bread

If your sitting here looking at what we ate and have been eating for the last 6 months... I hope that it has sparked something that has brought you out to your local farmers market !  Ive been carrying alot on my shoulders for the past couple months and now with the sun at my back and the gardens coming along nicely, it is time to start thinking about the painting studio.... its no small task to keep up a blog, I mean really... 365 days of local eating is nothing compared to sitting down and actually putting it out there with images and words.... Good Grief .


  1. looks like lupine to me! and did you ever tell us how you make your fermented slaw? or are you just buying that from 30 acres? or maybe buying a bunch of 30 acres stuff and chopping it up together?

  2. Yes Lupines is right... Cassi remembered. As for the fermented slaw, yes its some combination of fermented carrots, sauerkraut, rubykraut and a few fresh items... either radishes, chives, garlic scapes, or goat cheese. Changes in combination depending on what needs to be used up... I like the texture better when its finely chopped rather than stringy and the combination goes really well on a fresh bed of salad greens.


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