Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 093 LocalrootZ Project (April 04,2010)

Levain Bread
w/ Honey Butter

Easter Sunday Dinner
Grilled Cider Glazed Cusk
with assorted sides

Today was Easter and it is tradition in my large extended family to have dinner at my aunt Patti and uncle Dave's house in New Hampshire.  The journey started with a downeaster ride to Woburn and ended on the couch of my parents house in Massachussetts.  It always enjoyable to see some of the cousins and my grandfather.  Good times are always had around the competitive ping pong table and whatever local sports team may be on the television.  For a snippet of how the ping pong runs in my family... my grandfathers first words to me were " I heard people in yellow hats from Maine don't know how to swing a ping pong paddle" you guessed it, I was wearing a yellow hat !


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