Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 092 LocalrootZ Project (April 03,2010)

Another Saturday morning with Cassi and a trip to the Portland Winter Farmers Market, this is what we brought home this week...
Goransen Farm
Qt Easter Egg Potatoes
Qt La Ratte Fingerling Potatoes
Bunch of Scallions

Caldwell Farm
1# Butter
Swallowtail Farm
Loaf of Levain
Qt Plain Yogurt

Fishbowl Farm
Spicy Mesculin Mix
Salsify (Oyster Plant)
Red Beets

Lalibella Farm
Black Bean Tempeh Sample

and a dozen pastured eggs from Buckwheat Blossom

With a very successful morning walk to the market we returned home to temps rising into the 60˚s and alot of projects to be done on the rooftop garden project !  Ill be posting some starter garden pick for 2010 soon come....

Swallowtail Plain Yogurt
w/ honey
Sunny Side Up Duck Egg
w/ La Ratte & Easter Egg Potato Homefries
Side of Sauerkraut

Transportation Today
Errands: 4 miles walking

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