Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 094 LocalrootZ Project (April 05,2010)

Lobster Eggs Benedict
w/ Le Ratte Fingerlings

Dinner Out in Boston
Kashmir on Newbury St.
Minted New England Scallops
in Sauce
Vegetarian Samosa
Garlic Naan

So seeing as we were in Massachusetts we decided to explore Boston before making the journey back north to our west end abode.  The morning started off with me whipping up a Lobster Eggs Benedict for Cassi and my mother.  My mother seemed pretty impressed that I had four pans cooking and was still able to converse about what Ive been up to in my busy life.  It was a pretty well done benedict with all the ingredients traveling home with me for the occasion.  All the way down to the eggs and butter.  The meal was large and filling.  After that my mother shuttled us a few miles down the road over to the Lowell Commuter Train. From there it was on to North Station for a day of exploring Boston and letting Cassi shop on Newbury St.  We had elaborate plans for this big dinner... we even researched some restaurants through Boston Locavores.  I even read over the menu for a few places while Cassi shopped near by... but in the end we stopped at Kashmir, our favorite Indian restaurant. They had just put out the tables for dinner and we decided a little time off our feet and a couple apps would do just fine.  The highlight was the minted scallops... so good they are with the sauces... kinda curry/mustard/mint sauce that was truly elegant !  From there we kept hoofing all the way over the Harvard Bridge into Cambridge finaly ending up in Harvard Square to grab a few drinks to help get us through the night.  We boarded the Downeaster @ 11pm and arrived on our couch at about 2 am... work in three hours.  Not a good start to the week but the best end I could ever had asked for !

Transportation Today
Walking: aprox 8 miles

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