Monday, March 1, 2010

Preparation is key !

So one thing that has become apparent to Cassi and I in the early stages of this project is that the key to keeping down the cost and options for meals is preparation.  Whether it is always keeping grains soaked on the counter, a leftover meal thawing in the morning, or spending extra time on weekends roasting veggies or boiling potatoes for the week menu... all these factors make life much easier when the stomach calls and time is of the essence.  We have created a wish list and will be saving up for some canning supplies to help preserve the summers harvest as well a moderate sized freezer that will be portable enough for us to move as we are apartment dwellers in the present moment.

That being said below is a small photo montage to the importance of preparation...

(soaking wheat berries, whole corn, yellow eye & jacob cattle beans)

 ( a fillet of salted cod ) 
for those unfamiliar these are preseved using old time methods of salting the fish and are not needing refrigeration... this one was purchased @ Harborfish but soon Im gonna take a stab at salting a fillet of my own so stay tuned !

 (Im using the salted cod for fishcakes in a couple days so it requires soaking it in cold water for a couple days prior... changing the water frequently)

 (water changed back to the soaking)

 (the well stocked fridge at the start of the week !)

 ( a nice frozen meal of leftover pesto lasagna from last week !)

(a bit of other frozen stored goods, some week old mother oven spelt bread for stuffing, kombu seaweed, strawberries and some on deck wheat flour & cornmeal... also note the ice cream maker bowl chilling to the left)

(some dried chili peppers, popcorn, beans and assorted mushrooms, can't wait to use that lil jar of morels soon come !)


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