Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 061 LocalrootZ Project (March 02, 2010)

Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ raw honey
Glass of Apple Cider

Kraut Salad
w/ honey cider vinaigrette
and shredded black radish

Sweet n Spicy Tempeh Salad
w/ nasturtiums garnish
Glass of Villager White



This dinner was a great healthy & satisfying meal that started with me soaking wheat berries for 2 days... then I had Cassi start boiling the soaked berries for 1 1/2 hours prior to rolling home from my speedy after work commute, on a side note, I blazed by my first spandex wearing roadie on the bridge today !  A true sign of the spring and a testament to all my winter riding... because, when you can pass a"cyclist" who's bicycle cost more than most vehicles Ive ever owned and a spandex bodysuit that makes him cut through the air like a bird swooping on his prey... he was a little shocked when I yelled "ON YOUR LEFT" and went crankin by on my grocery loaded touring bike at 25mph heading over the Casco Bay Bridge!  Anyway back to dinner... with the wheat berries cooked to perfection I oiled the cast iron pan, added garlic and onions, a package of Lalibella Tempeh , a bit of honey and some shredded green cabbage... stir fry till the tempeh is browned.  From there I added the stir fry mixture to the cooled wheat berries and tossed with homemade hot sauce, a touch of maple syrup and honey.  I also added a 1# of finely chopped fresh spinach to create more texture and flavor in the dish.  Garnished with a few Nasturtiums from Olivia's Garden and presto a wonderfully quick and satisfying meal !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 15 miles Bicycle
Errands : 3 miles Walking


  1. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and I think it's so great!! I've pretty much gotten a huge chunk read in the past few hours. I read a couple of food blogs, but I also live in Portland so you offer the perfect info and everything you make looks delicious. Cassi is really lucky :) I look forward to checking back each day!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and especially for leaving a comment Megan ! Im so glad you enjoy what we are doing...Portland is a great town to Eat In !


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