Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 079 LocalrootZ Project (March 20, 2010)

Swallowtail Plain Yogurt
w/ Honey

I started the morning up early as usual...with a hunger in my stomach and hours till Cassi would rise for our traditional walk to the farmers market and after we would eat brunch.  I scooped a cup of Swallowtails plain and creamy yogurt and then folded in a tbs of honey.  This combination never gets old... I mean as you see I eat it almost everyday.  You begin tasting the nuances of one farm from teh next... when the animals are pastured heavier and clover is sprouting in the pasture  the flavor changes.  So far I think my top three yogurts would be Swallowtail Farm, Townhouse Farms Ewegurt and Smiths Farm.  The cream on the top rich jersey cow flavor gets me everytime !
Anyhow like clockwork Cassi rolled out of bed and off we went to the Winter Farmers Market...
this is what we snagged this week !
Swallowtail Farm
1/2 # Butter
Loaf of Spelt Bread
(spelt grown at Webb Farm)

Goransen's Farm
Red & Yellow Onions
QT Maple Syrup

Buckwheat Farm
Bunch of Leeks
Dozen Pastured Eggs

Fishbowl Farm
Winter Spinach

Port Clyde Fisherman's Co-Op
Lobster Tails
1# Maine Shrimp

with a bag full of great food and a beautiful day we were off on foot, back to our west end hideaway.  Upon returning we assessed our stock of food and Cassi suggested something with the lobster tails and hollandaise sauce for brunch... OK that was easy to talk me into ! I was off into the kitchen....

Wild Mushroom & Lobster Tail
Eggs Benedict
over Swallowtail Spelt

here's what the ingredients looked like at the start....
 here's those ingredients put together....



After brunch we spent sometime picking up the rooftop garden and seeding a couple little boxes of spinach and arugula.... 




and then I got some of the pellets and soaked em in water in preparation for some germination...

Transportation Today
Errands : 7 miles walking

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