Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 080 LocalrootZ Project (March 21, 2010)

Blueberry Pancakes
w/ Maple Syrup


Assorted Cheeses
(Honey Havarti, Tourmaline Spread, Eleanor Caraway)
w/ toasted pita

Today was another wonderfully productive morning that started with me hooking up the bike trailer and heading out for the local hardware store with a detour over to the community garden plot.  Upon arriving at the plot I ripped up the weed clumps and gathered the excess straw that I had spread over the bed... as I inspected the compost pile wondering with "what" should I enrich the soil with this growing season... I drifted with thoughts about what I need to do to inspire this years garden... everyone else has wood planks walling off their beds... I looked at the hill behind the plots and in the mass of plastic shopping bags, disposed furniture and christmas trees of the past... I noticed quite an array of lonely stones that yearned for the company of  other isolated stones... I started piling them over by my plot and created a nice pile surrounding the bed and it fit me perfectly... since I was a teen I have always been intrigued by the random stone walls... overgrown with brush, hidden in the middle of the forest that winds along the Merrimac River where I grew up... what was the story behind this wall, whose boundary was this marking, what happended to the homesteaders that worked this land years before... 

More on the garden as it progresses....

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