Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 058 LocalrootZ Project (February 27, 2010)

So Saturday has arrived and that means WINTER FARMER'S MARKETIt was a little less busy this week than last, but it was still bustling with hungry Portlanders who were looking for that connection with their food and the people that grow it... some notable additions to this week market was Dean from Mother Oven Bread as well as a new farm... Buckwheat Blossom Farm !
OK, here is what we got this week...
Goransen Farm
2 Bags Red Russian Kale
Assorted Winter Squash
2 Delicata, 2 Kombocha, 1 Carnival

Swallowtail Farm
Ball of fresh mozzarella

Hahn's End Farm
 Chunk of Eleanor Buttercup Cheese
& Noble Hill Reserve

Olivia's Garden
Few Pounds of Tomato seconds
Handful of Nasturtiums

Fishbowl Farm
Couple Bags of Spinach

Buckwheat Blossom Farm
Dozen Pastured Eggs
Golden Turnips
Celeriac Root

Mother Oven Bakery
Loaf of Country Rye

Caldwell Farm
1# Butter

another thing we picked up at the market, as you will see in the following pictures were some good friends of ours Todd & Cori along with their wonderful little guy Finnegan !

Root Vegetable Homefires
 (Yukon Gold, Purple Sun, Chantenay, Golden Turnip, Celeriac)
w/ Pastured Egg Sunny Up
side of kraut & carrots
Slice of Country Rye

After a wonderful late morning breakfast with friends and an extended conversation regarding cooking and food, it was back to the kitchen after saying farewell to the Ketcham's.  Cassi grabbed the dishes by the horns and I started inspecting my jar of previously soaked ingredients.  The jacobs cattle/yellow eye beans and Laver seaweed mixture I had started on Thursday evening were looking plump and ready for a boil.... as that boiled I stared out the window at the wintry greyness that encapsulated the Casco Bay ... and decided it was time to make chili.  Now I am not a chili expert and in fact can't recall ever making a chili before but I had a good idea about how I could use some of those great dried chili peppers from Fishbowl Farm.  I started with a big soup pot, actually it was gifted to me by Todd & Cori a couple years back for a Stew-Off competition, anyway, I coated the pot with some Maine canola oil and added a bunch of chopped garlic and red onion and a cup of mushroom stock... turning the heat on medium/high and then added probably a dozen diced tomatoes, 1 jalepeno pepper, 1 habanero, 2 poblanos... using all the flakes/seeds from the poblanoes but only a small amount from the real hot ones... Cassi & I don't like too much spice.  From there I added the cooked yellow eye beans as well as some browned tempeh from Lalibela Farm. Simmer it for an hour or two...
During which time I started thinking about cornbread... the only recipe I had, called for all purpose flour and only a small amount of cornmeal... well I decided to reversed the recipe and used 1 cup cornmeal and 1/2 cup buckwheat as an alternative to using our whole wheat flour... thinking the finer consistency of the buckwheat may produce a better result.  other ingredients were 4 tbsp honey, 1/4 cup melted butter, sea salt,  3/4 cup raw goat milk and 1 tbsp baking powder (luckily we had the can in our 2009 leftovers). Anyone know the "Maine" way to get this to rise without baking powder... can you make a starter for cornbread... seems it would create a sour taste that wouldn't go well with te sweetness... Ill look into this for when the powder runs out!
Baked @ 425˚ for 15-20 minutes and for a first try we were pleasantly surprised... next time I think Ill add more honey though !

Bowl of Chili
slice of cornbread




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