Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Six)

Day Sixes Consumption

May 6, 2009.

Two Eggs Sunnyside Down
Yukon Gold potato hash
w/ shallots & chives

Plain Sheeps Milk Yogurt
w/ honey

Mesculin Mix
w/ tomato
side of Halloumi Cheese

Yukon Gold Potato Pancakes
topped with
fiddleheads, shallots and goat cheese
on a bed of arugula

Baked Macintosh Apples
topped w/ honey, maple yogurt
and berry compote

Day six had many great surprises. The first being the arrival of fresh cut meculin mix from New Leaf Farm, owned and operated by dave and chris colson, its located in Durham, ME. Their mix has perfect amounts of reds, greens and arugula to balance what I believe the best salad mix available. Not to mention the extra flair of spice edible nasturtium flowers. Needless to say I was anxious to get on the bike and ride home so i could enjoy an afternoon salad with Cassi. Upon arriving home I was excited to see all the wonderful items Cassi had brought home from the farmers market...Thirty Acre farm out of Whitefield, ME ; rubykraut & ginger carrots as well as sprouts and pea shoots, berry compote from Aurthur harvey's family, apple butter from pastor chuck, sorrel and a few Ricker Hill Macintosh apples. With all these sweet fruits I knew there had to be a dessert in the evening aganda !

* New Leaf Farm (
*Thirty Acre Farm (

Transportation for the day included 22 miles on the bicycle as well as a 2 mile walk with Cassi.

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