Friday, May 8, 2009

Project Local Rootz (Day Seven)

Day Seven's Consumption

May 7, 2009.

Two eggs sunnyside down
Yukon Gold potato hash
w/ shallots & chives
Rubykraut Kimchi

Plain Sheeps Milk Yogurt

Apple Butter & Berry Compote
on Spelt Bread

Maine Grain & Bean Tomato Soup
Grilled Cheese on Spelt Bread


The seventh day was drenching day with that raw bone chill in the air. As I prepared breakfast and prepargot ready for my daily commute into work, I could hear the water pounding on the window pains as I peered through the sheet of water induging in a wonderful breakfast accompanied by my newly purchased Thirty Acre Rubykraut, which Cassi obtained from the prior days farmers market. Right then I decided today would be a perfect soup day. I had a prepared packet of maine grown soup mix from the Crown of Maine Co-Op. It contains soldier beans, pinto beans, barley and split peas. I pulled out my biggest pot and decided to let the mixture soak while I worked. When I returned home from work I proceed with the concoction by adding a good "shake" of an herb mix from the New Gloucester Shaker Village. I also ran 4 tomatoes through my food processor and added it to the concoction. After setting it on low low heat for a couple hours and enjoying a little lunch with the aroma filling the apartment...I think both of us were very excited about the dinner in our evening plans....and yes it was delicious.

Transportation today included a 18 mile abridged bicycle commute due to heavy rains.

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