Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Project Local Roots (Day Five)

Day Fives Consumption

May 5, 2009.

Red Norland Potato
2 eggs sunnyup
w/ kimchi

Couple of Cherry Tomatoes
Plain Sheeps milk Yogurt
w/ honey

Mesculin Mix
w/ roasted tomatoes & shallots

Halloumi Cheese

Seafood Stir Fry
w/ Bay Scallops, Haddock & Tomato
Black Bean Dip w/Sorrel

Day Five was a rainy and chilly one. However, I found a new farm and market to add a little warmth to Cassi and my menu and in turn our bellies. My first find was called on by my stomach about four hours into work when I had the realization that the half dozen blistered cherry tomatoes and 64oz of water were not gonna get me through the rest of the work day nevermind the rainy commute home...I was already contemplating how much Id shorten my return commute home. Standing there with my stomach grumbling...looking for a boost and something nourishing. I reached for a 6oz plain Ewegurt,Sheep's Yogurt from Townhouse Farm in Whitefield, and proceeded to empty the contents into a bowl accompanied witha squirt of Sparky's honey. Wow ! I was inpressed...texture, flavor, and a hint of sweetness. That sweetness of which had yet to touch my lips since the begging of this project five days ago. After devouring this wonderful was only natural to gravitate to the dairy cooler and scope out any other products this farm may produce. Just then i remebered when she had dropped of the order she also delivered a cheese she just produced and described to me on how it should be prepared. This cheese I speak of is called Halloumi and its otherwise known as "frying cheese". All day in the back of my mind I had the task of finding a "treat" for Cassi, but within the local standards I was not quite sure what it would end up being...I made the decision that this cheese was worth purchasing after the great flavor of the yogurt...
After work finished up, I made the purchase and packed it into my pannier, mounted my bicycle and pedaled off into the rain and wind...feeling unimpressed with my choice of riding clothes considering the weather at large, I decided I would take the most direct route possible, (Route One Scarbourgh > Veterans Bridge) making a stop at Harborfish Market to pick up another treat just in case the cheese turned out to be not so special. In a strange case of coincendece I popped a flat..right in front of a new fishmarket on the scene called "Free Range Fish & Lobster"...As I entered with hesitation I stumbled upon a new gem in the Portland market scene...not only was I excitied about the price of haddock ($3.99/lb) but I also noticed a mass of Bay Scallops to my imediate left and decided that would also be a great "treat" for dinner. Especially since Cassi had shown interest in scallops the previous night while we were indulging ourselves in Maine Shrimp. To top off my new found market visit, as I was waitning in line and semi eyeing the produce display it jumped out at me... Organic Maine Grown Chives ($1.99/bu)...thinking I had trimmed half of the chives out of our garden in the last few days, it was a good idea to add them to the basket too. In the end I was extremely impressed with the "Free Range Market" and plan on returning soon...but dont worry Harborfish Ill still come by there too.
The day continued with a short walk home to repair my flat in preperation for tomorrows commute and to prepare all the delctable treats and get my energy up enough to grab a paint brush and continue on the otehr part of this project...the Art !

.* Townhouse Farm (

Transportion for the day included an abridged return trip home resulting in only 19 miles for the day.

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