Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 20 Local Eating Community Giveback

March 25, 2011
Two Eggs Sunny Up
w/ Kraut and Buttermilk Toast

Swallowtail Plain Yogurt
w/ Honey
Seafood Fettuccine w/ Cream Sauce
Fresh Spinach and grated Swallowtail Parmesan
 Garlic Toast
Maple Ice Cream
leftover Cornbread w/ Blueberry Compote

Oh Yeah... I was excited to see the cornbread I had wrapped in wax paper and stuck in the freezer a few days before when we had some chili for lunch.. I quickly unwrapped in split it in half slathered a little honey butter on it and hit the frying pan to brown it up and thaw it out.. on top of that a big dollop of blueberry compote and then the creamy homemade ice cream we never get enough of !

We LOVE Dessert !

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