Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 06 Local Eating Community Giveback

March 12, 2011

Saturday morning usually starts off early with a pot of Matt's Coffee, I know the beans are not local but we lean a bit when it comes to beverages... however the practices Matt's applies to his product make it our logical choice for reasons of taste and practicability, plus its good company to NPR and the pre Farmer's Market refrigerator inspection aka scrub down !  Its always good to know exactly what your working with before heading to the market... we didn't have too much !

This weeks grabs were as follows:

64 oz Raw Milk,16 oz Raw Cream, 1/2lb Mozzarella & 1/4lb Ricotta cheese from Swallowtail Farm
2 Heads of Bibb Lettuce, Basil and a pound of Arugula from Olivia's Garden
Celeriac Root and a pound of spinach from Fishbowl Farm
64oz Wildflower Honey & 8oz Whipped Honey from Tom's
Honey Buckwheat, Stout Rye & Garlic & Basil Bagels from Commonwealth Farm

We have a weakness for bread....and the perfect box for it too !
I painted it during the holidays to sell but couldn't let it go...

Anyway, the day before, with the last of this seasons tomatoes from Olivia's Garden I decided a spicy vegan chili would heat up the house and our bellies.  I actually did a recipe for this a month ago or so and you can find the recipe here !
We couldn't stop munching the fresh bread throughout the day as well.  The stout rye bread with whipped honey was the overall winner !

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt w/ Maple Syrup

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