Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 221-229 LocalrootZ Project (August 12-20, 2010)

Pacific Northwest Vacation !

What a wonderful break from the east coast.  Cassi and I have not really been out of Maine for 4 years so it was nice to have some exploring to do with our eyes and mouths.  We ate so much smoked salmon and enjoyed many treats as you can see above. Some highlights included Pike Brewing Company, Skagway Brewing Company, Fran's Chocolates,  Rainer Cherries, Truffle Mushrooms, Escargo, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Tuna, Alaskan Butterfish, Blackberries, Piroshsky's Russian Bakery, Pacific Oysters, Local Salmon Shashimi, Rock Lobster... and more.  So many highlighs to list but we really really enjoyed the Pike Market Place in Seattle, as well as downtown Victoria, British Columbia !  Important news... I proposed to Cassi on the Victoria waterfront and se said YES !
We are now engaged and will be sealing the deal sometime next summer....

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