Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 159 LocalrootZ Project (June 10,2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt
w/ Honey
New Leaf Salad Mix
w/ Pepperjack Cheese

Sweet n Spicy Lalibella Tempeh
w/ Collards and Asian Greens

So good... not only are teh greens that we grew amazingly tasty but the tempeh was the best we ever had.  Why? Well 2 days ago I drizzled some homemade hot sauce, maple syrup and cider vinegar over the tempeh and let it marinate... then i baked it under 450˚ for 10 minutes to get it crispy.  Tossed into a sautee of tat soi, napa cabbage and collards all grown by us, WOW !  This is gonna be a great summer...

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 22 miles bicycle

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