Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 151 LocalrootZ Project (June 2, 2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt 
w/ Honey
Lobster & Asparagus Casserole
over a bed of Spinach
Strawberry Ice Cream

You may be wondering... Ice Cream for dinner ?  Well I have my reasons... and that reason was I got a molar yanked after work so I was a little cautious to eat anything that would irritate my mouth, therefore ice cream it was.  I prepared for it by eating a big lunch so that  I wouldn't be so hungry in the evening... hopefully I will be back to solid food tomorrow.  I tend to heal quickly and have a pretty high tolerance for pain.  FYI the extraction went wonderfully and I am very glad to have that abscessed tooth that has been causing me much discomfort over the past few months.
Transportation Today
Work Commute : 28 miles bicycle
(including the dentist trip)
Errands : 3 miles walking

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