Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 148 LocalrootZ Project (May 30, 2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt
w/ honey

After an early morning bowl of yogurt it was off to water and inspect my community garden plot down on Valley st.  Everything is looking wonderful and has almost doubled in size since transplanting them from my coldframe on the May 17th.  Here's how we look as of this morning...

so heres what we have... from front left 3 Tat Soi, 3 Nappa Cabbage, 3 Speckled Troutback Lettuce, 3 Green Butterleaf, 5 Sungold Tomatoes, 6 Brandywine Tomatoes, along the back fence our carrots and sugar snaps hae started popping up from seed... on the right 6 Lacinato Kales, 2 Swiss Chard, 6 Collards and then in the middle 3 Green Zuchinni, 6 Marketmore Cukes, 6 Assorted Mustard Greens,  8 sets of Clear Dawn Onions and 8 sets of assorted onions... then on teh frindges we have some moss parsely, chives and some "wild" strawberries much to Cassi's delight.  There is also some chamomile and dill here and there as well as a handful of mixed salad greens that I tossed here and there as well as some basil seed I dispersed around my tomatoes.  Leaving the plot fully satisfied I returned home and tackled some rooftop garden projects... swept out coldframe.  Potted & staked some tomatoes (black cherry, burbank, gold ida, nepal, husk as well as peppers (cayenne, anaheim, poblano) and placed them in the recently cleared out coldframe.. Im going to replace the plastic on the lid with chicken wire to deter squirrels from getting in and harvesting the fruit like they did last year... Im thinking this is a good answer !

Anyway all that work and a now awake girlfriend brought me into the kitchen to make a brunch to satisfy my growling belly...

Sunny Up Egg
Over Buttered Apsaragus
and Spelt Garlic Toast
Melted Raw Swiss Cheese
Over a bed of sauteed garlic, shallots, beet greens, bok choy and mizuna greens

Blubarb Crisp
w/ Honey Ice Cream

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  1. Yeah, that glorious weekend weather really made everything shoot up, huh!


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