Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 147 LocalrootZ Project (May 29, 2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt
w/ honey

After a small breakfast and a morning session organizing my paintings studio, I hopped onto my bicycle and took a circle around the peninsula with the final destination being the Farmers Market @ Deering Oaks !  I was so happy to see it bubbling with customers even at 7:30am.... so much good stuff, heres what I got this week !
You can haul alot on a Surly Touring Bicycle...
the full bounty out from the panniers
Merrimac inspecting the goods...she loves greens !
Let see scallions & spinach from fishbowl, cukes and tomatoes from Olivia Garden, Yogurt from Swallowtail,  Japenese Turnips, Spicy Radishes & Broccoili Rab
 from Green Spark, Rhubarb from Alewife, Kohlrabi from Fishbowl, Baby Broccoli Rab from Dandelion Spring and a few other odds and ends I cant seem to recall as of now but jeez so many wonderful greens... its gonna be a healthy week for us !

We be well stocked...

Asparagus Omelete
w/ Raw Swiss Cheese
Fingerling Homefries
Spelt  Toast

Blubarb Crisp
w/ Honey Ice Cream

Yup thats right Blubarb crisp !  A nice combination of rhubarb and frozen blueberries creates a lusciously tangy and scrumptious late night treat.  I spent a good 10 hours in the painting studio and am looking forward to showcasing a few of my new pieces at the Local Sprouts Cafe grand opening this Friday ! 

We were actually so busy today that we spaced pictures of the omelet... oh well sometimes things just are not meant to be !

Transportation Today
Errands : 18 miles bicycle

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  1. Woowee, that is a good lookin' fridge! And I love 'blubarb.'


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