Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 136 LocalrootZ Project (May 18, 2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt
w/ Honey

Local Salad Mix
w/ fermented slaw

Pan Fried Hake
w/ Broccoli & Cheese Sauce
over baby spinach and roasted yukon golds
Glass of Farnum Hill Cider

A nice sunny brisk day with a fresh bottle of Farnum Hill Cider out of Lebanon, NH.  I was excited to cook dinner tonight because I had a new ingredient to try! Frozen broccoli from Checkerberry Farm.  Ive never been one to use frozen veggies but the option being there I had to give it a whirl.  I thawed about a 1/2 pound out and pureed it.  Then I started a traditional cheese sauce by slowly warming some raw goat milk, Caldwell Farm butter and shredded raw swiss....fresh garlic and chives.  Once that had a creamy consistency I stirred in the broccoli puree.  So Yummy, spread over pan fried hake that was dusted in cornmeal. Nuff said

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 22 miles bicycle
Errands: 3 miles walking

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