Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 135 LocalrootZ Project (May 17, 2010)

Sunny Up Duck Egg
over fermented slaw
Spelt Toast

Mixed Salad Greens
w/ Fermented Slaw & Sonnental Pepper Jack Cheese

Local Heiwa Tofu Browned
w/ Baby Bok Choy & Beet Greens
Side of Roasted Chiogga Beets
Glass of Coastal White

Strawberry Ice Cream
over Cornbread

Monday is here and I have declared this will be a very productive week... not that Im ever very lazy I mean abut a 1/2 hour on the couch and I get pretty stir crazy or I just pass out from exhaustion.  Anyway... I had a swift ride to and from work,  partly due to rested legs after taking all of Sunday off from the bike and partly do to switching out my rear tire after wearimg down my first of many tires for the coming summer ! So after returning home to 60˚+ temps and an energetic girlfriend we decided it was a good day to get make some headway on our community plot on Valley St.  I have been down there a few times this spring to harvest some wild chamomile, chives and dandelion greens as well as to enrich the soil with some of last years compost, weed the early bloomers and loosely plan out the beds for this years season... last year I acquired the plot from a new found friend late into the season duriing all that rain so this will be our first season starting at the right time and testing my plant knowledge that Ive slowly absorbed over a few years of working in the produce industry as well as on the farm.  I did also spend a good part of the winter months reading up on methods and theories on growing a successful garden.  Heres the first glimpse at our plot....

I think I maximized the growing space with this design... left room for getting in there to harvest and weed !
In this bed is greens from the top Rainbow Lacinato Kale, Swiss Chard & Collards
You can also see a couple strawberries and my chives that pop up along the perimeter.
A woodchucks view...
In this bed Asian Greens (Pak Choy, Napa Cabbage) and then a small row
of lettuces... a standard green leaf and an heirloom speckled trout back...
 Final steps for the day....
Done for now !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 22 miles bicycle
Errands: 3 miles walking

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