Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 125/126/127 LocalrootZ Project (May 07 & 08 & 09, 2010)

Plain Swallowtail Yogurt
w/ honey

Maine Sea Biscuits

Grilled Spelt Aroostook Wheat
w/ Aroostook Cheddar Cheese

So this was Friday and we were off on the Downeaster to Massachusetts in order to attend my cousin Laura's wedding with Cassi.  Therefore due to our social amendment we were exempt from the project for the weekend which will void out the next two days of posts... the wedding on Saturday evening was wonderful and I am so very glad to see Laura with such a great guy.  Danny fits into our giant family as well as anyone.  You see, I grew up with all my cousins in close proximity and our numbers are so high now with the addition of spouses and children that I don't even stop to count anymore... We leave that up to our aunts and uncles ! Anyhow enough about family... the wedding food was REALLY GOOD !  They had it set up in stations and Cassi and I started with some seafood chowder that was as thick and creamy as any Ive had with a heavy potato element as well as chunks of whitefish, lobster, scallop and someone said they had some crab in it also.  From there it was over to the Pasta station where they had the option of Butternut or Lobster Ravioli... I couldn't choose so I got a few of each... from there they had a fixing area where I was happy to add a heap of garlic scallions black pepper and a bit of Parmesan to fully indulge in the imported flavors !  The entree station served a heap of steamed veggies along with buttered lobster tail and a wild rice pilaf... are you serious, lobster tail buffet.... we had enough room for one and a half each and then it was over to the top shelf sippers... I fully indulged in the Hennessey Black in fine Portland Food Coma style.  Maybe not quite that far but I did try ! We ended up back at our hotel which had an ocean side balcony that looked over the point of Rockport... needless to say with the ocean sounds in my ears, tired legs from the dance floor and a belly full of foreign goods we slept quite well !
Waking up Sunday refreshed we gained some energy with a walk down along a very chilly and windy Rockport point.  We grabbed an espresso and met up with my grandfather, "Papa" as we know him He with my mother and a few other aunts and uncles.  My mom had already scored some strudel so we joined them back at the hotel on the balcony for a little breakfast and laid out the mothers day plan....

Its always good to see family !

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  1. aw, funny, my cousin got married on Saturday too. no ocean side balcony, but 85 down in richmond, va!


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