Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 112 Project LocalrootZ (April 23, 2010)

Macintosh Apples

Plain Townhouse Farm Yogurt
w/ honey
Curried Indian Potato
w/ yogurt and side of bread

Ok ok so we strayed from a 100% local meal today... but hear me out...we have been getting this bread in at my work that is from the Star East Cafe over on Forest Ave.  Yes its locally made but no not with local flour... I decided to surprise Cassi with a little treat... so I brought home a warm bag fresh off the truck in order to celebrate that it was Friday... other than that the curry powered was in the cupboard from 2009 so I had stated it is fair game and I complemented the dinner with 2 Vermont tomatoes... Olivia's should be dropping cocktails soon...  The meal was amazing with the addition of some green garlic, onion, leftover cod and a handful of cilantro... cut fresh from the cold frame.  Drizzled with a bit of swallowtail yogurt to add a little tang and BOOM a 95% local Indian treat... we deserved it !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 18 miles bicycle
Errands : 3 miles walking

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