Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 100 LocalrootZ Project (April 11,2010)

Breakfast/ Lunch
Baby Spring Breakfast
(Baby Potatoes, Microgreens, Claytonia, Sauerkraut, Cidered Vinegar Radish)
Side of Spelt Bread w/ Creme Fraiche
Glass of Fermented Cider

Sunday was a busy day on the rooftop garden project and Cassi was off working hard till the we hours... after such a fresh healthy breakfast we kept ourselves full on an occasional slice of that freshly baked spelt bread and a supplement of the various cheeses that are getting a little fuzzy in the fridge.  the baby greens have added a snap and freshness to meals that is one of the many reasons to rejoice "SPRING!"

Also today we reached a "Locavore Century" (100 days on the project)...we have always come a bit short of  this in the past.... 265 days to go and its only getting more and more exciting !

Id also like to give thanks for all the people who have been visiting our blog and sending messages and leaving comments... getting close to 1500 profile views and we have you to thank for spreading the word !  Thank You and don't be afraid to drop a comment every now and then.  We love reading your thoughts !

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