Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 098 LocalrootZ Project (April 09,2010)

Macintosh Apple

Plain Smith Farm Yogurt
w/ Honey

Haddock with Seafood Stuffing
Roasted Yukon Golds
One more time around for the stuffing... got a little more leftover but Ill save it for this Sunday afternoon.  There is something amazing about homemade stuffing using mother oven bread that i have never tasted in a boxed stuffing mix.  Its pleasures like this that make this project so interesting.  I never would have started a stuffing from scrathc a few years ago... I would have bought some "organic" box of seasoned croutons and added a few cups of boiling water some butter and a bouillon cube and called it good.  That is one of my great personal pleasures of this project... learning how to make things the way they always were made before prepackaged foods.  

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 20 miles bicycle
Errands: 4 miles walking

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