Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 064 LocalrootZ Project (March 05, 2010)

Braeburn & Gala Apple
Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ raw honey

w/ Pesto Cream Sauce
Slice of Aroostook Wheat
Glass of Coastal Red



The final day of a long week !  Cassi has been slammed at her work and the windy biking conditions have taken a toll on my body too... from work I text-ed Cassi to thaw the frozen portion of lasagna for dinner, she obliged and warmed it in the oven for my return home from work.  I knew it would be slightly dry so I whipped up a sauce that consisted of 1tbl butter, 2 tbl goat cheese, 2 tbl pesto and a splash of cream heated in a sauce pan.  Perfect quick satisfying meal courtesy of planning ahead ! 

Late night in the painting studio tonight... here's a glimpse !

laying down the finishing touches...
"Port's Bounty"
24" x 24"

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