Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 063 LocalrootZ Project (March 04, 2010)

Braeburn & Gala Apple
Plain Smiling Hill Farm Yogurt
w/ raw honey

Winter Spinach Salad
tossed with Cider Vinaigrette
w/ shredded chantenay carrots and lavender cheese

Saltfish & Parsnip Rosti Fishcakes
w/ roasted mokum carrots
& Winter Spinach Salad
Glass of Mead

(the ingredients; salted cod, parsnips, stuttgarter onion, german hardy garlic,
pastured eggs, sprig of rosemary)
 (chop and grate all ingredients into a bowl)
(place hand shaped cakes onto pan oiled with sunflower oil)
 (the table set for two)
 (add a side salad and some roasted and salted mokum carrots)
 (so good... and I have a few extra cakes left for the week!)
(and Cassi, my beautiful dinner companion each and every day !)

So today was a little taste of that winter Ive been trying to forget about... Im not one to complain about cold temperatures but these last few weeks of 40˚+ afternoons have made me one spoiled bike commuter.  Anyhow, a slightly earlier release from work had me contemplating a little more of a time consuming meal... I remembered the salted cod we had rinsing in the fridge and was craving more of the salad concoction I had created at work today... the winter spinach has been so sweet lately, I can't seem to stop munching it.  It taste so good if you chop it sightly and toss it with a little homemade dressing to coat the leaves (just simmered cider vinegar with garlic and honey), a little shredded chatenay carrot, then garnish with cheese... I tried this new Silvery Moon semi hard cheese that had a slight lavender undertone, it's so new that its not even on their list of cheeses yet, but mmmmm perfect for a salad !  I liked it so much I made it part of the dinner so Cassi & I could enjoy it together.  The Saltfish & Parsnip Rosti Fishcake was from a recipe out of "the River Cottage Fish Book".  Im not a big recipe guy, usually I just adapt them to fit my needs, especially when doing the "local" thing.  Every recipe always sugar sugar sugar...but honey and maple syrup add a complexity that is so much better than granulate crack.  I digress.... the fishcakes are pretty simple; beat two eggs, add to that shredded parsnips, chopped garlic and onion, sprig of rosemary, and the salted cod that we have been soaking for 3 days and changing the water 3-4 times daily.  The salt fishes texture ends up a bit tougher and less flaky than fresh fish and although the salty qualities are subtle, after all that soaking it proves to be a wonderful way of making fishcakes.  Cooking time once placed onto the sunflower oiled pan is about 7 minutes on each side but I made mine a bit thicker and meatier than the one in the book.   A side of roasted Mokum carrots rounded out the plate for yet another great afternoon dinner ! Followed by a nice three mile walk around the peninsula to get the metabolism going... shoot I forgot to get more eggs !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 15 miles Bicycle
Errands : 3 miles Walking

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