Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Winter Farmers Market Today !

Today is going to be the first Portland Winter Farmer's Market and it will be running for 10 weeks... right up until the spring markets start rolling in Monument Square and Deering Oaks Park, but for now it will be the indoor location of 85 Free St. (across from the Civic Center).  I am very much looking forward to heading there in just 3 hours... its kinda ridiculous but I feel like I did on Christmas morning when I was a kid... what will be remaining in the storage bins of my favorite farms ?  Winter greens, squash, different varieties of potatoes, carrots, beets... I cannot wait to get my hands on some new ingredients for the kitchen !   Anyhow enough hype... I will be taking pictures and loading up on many different goods, check back soon to see what the market had to offer !

In preparation for the market I did go through the kitchen and gave the root veggies a cull through as well as an inventory stock of the fridge, cupboards and cold storage !
This is what it looks like...

the cupboard stocked lightly with  Dried Mushrooms, Maine sea salts, raw vinegar, cider, honey, popcorn, wheat berries, oats etc..


 in the freezer we have some Kombu seaweed, blueberries, strawberries... then for the fridge we have some Lalibella Tempeh, Mother Oven Spelt Bread, various flours, Olivia's garden tomatoes & pea shoots, green cabbage, fermented carrots, ruby kraut, yogurt, butter, homemade hot sauce, apple cider, cream, milk, a lil homemade pesto and red sauce...

and in the cold storage (back hallway to the rooftop deck, not heated, average temp in winter is 38˚- 48˚) out there we have bags of rolled oats, cornmeal, hard red spring wheat flour, wheat berries, kidney beans, yellow eye beans, jacobs cattle beans, garlic, stuttgarter onions, carrots (purple haze, nantes, baby mokum, yellowstone, chantennay), potatoes (baby butterballs, red norland, yukon gold, purple sun)

add to that a nice batch of sunflower oil, canola oil and a tub full of dried herbs (sage, tarragon, rosemary, oregano, lemon balm etc) and that is pretty much where we are at for food stock before our first trip to the Winter Farmers Market !

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