Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 052 LocalrootZ Project (February 21, 2010)

Breakfast/ Lunch
Red Russian Kale & Wild Mushroom Cheese Omelet
w/ Carrot Potato Homefries
and a slice of spelt toast



Bowl of Parsnip Potato Mash
w/ Green Cabbage

Winter Squash Ice Cream
over Cider Spelt Bread
topped with apple cider syrup
and honey roasted Squash Seeds
So another Sunday morning feast that sustained us throughout the afternoon.  I did make a lil bowl of mashed roots later in the day after walking Cassi to work, but it seems without the 15 miles of bike commuting that I do every weekday, I don't eat half as much.  Anyhow... breakfast was fantastic with the addition of the city of ships cheese we got from Hahn's End @ the winter market and a special treat of some dried assorted mushrooms that werte locally foraged in Maine.  The dried mushroom jar has bits of chanterelles, black trumpets, wood ear, morels, maitake and porcini.  Basically you just put them in a small bowl of hot water and let them reconstitute for 15-20 minutes... but don't throw away that mushroom broth, it will be a great cooking tool for later this week !  I put it in a ball jar and store it in the fridge.  Anyhow, we love the fungus so this breakfast hit the spot, with the addition of a purple haze carrot and a few chantenay carrots to give a nice sweetness to the usual potato, onion and garlic homefries !  Stuffed to the gills we cleaned up some dishes and spent a nice relaxing morning together listening to NPR clips on food and sweeping up the apartment in preparation to the start of a new week.  Later on while Cassi was off working hard and I was working on some online networking to try and get my apintings out of my house and into some nearby galleries... I decided it was time for a re run of our glorious dessert froom the previous night.  This time i roasted up the kombucha squash I had from the market and was back at it getting things ready for Cassi's return home !
Another wonderful day of local eating !

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