Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 051 LocalrootZ Project (February 20, 2010)

Spinach & Red Russian Kale Omelet
w/ Fiddler's Reach Cheese
Pesto Root Homefries
slice of spelt bread

Winter Squash Ice Cream
over Cider Spelt Bread
topped with apple cider syrup
and honey roasted Squash Seeds




So lots of talking about what was in our kitchen and the stock up that happened at the farmer's market today... but what did all these wonderful ingredients inspire ?  Well it started with our standard omelet breakfast with some fresh greens (spinach from Fishbowl farm, red russian kale from Goransen farm)... sauteed with a bit of stuttgarter onions, paired with some mild semi soft fiddler's
reach cheese wrapped in fresh egg omelet creating wonderfully fresh and tasty meal.  Not to mention the side of chantennay carrots, purple sun & yukon gold potatoes, browned in a cast iron pan with swallowtail butter a bit of my sunflower oil, chevre and basil mixture and i can't forget the wonderful German hardy garlic that Dean from Mother Oven helped us out with last week... so many wonderful flavors from so many hard working farms !

After that early afternoon feast I knew I had to continue the momentum into dessert for the evening... so after I walked Cassi down to work and returned home... I double booked myself for an evening in the painting studio and the kitchen.  
Dessert started by simmering a couple fermented pints of Ricker Hill Cider that was slowly swellling inside the door of our fridge... after about 1 hour, I was rewarded with a little more than a cup of pure apple cider syrup.  From there I proceeded to half our winter carnival squash from Goransen Farm and roast it witha tad of swallowtail butter and raw honey.  After roasting for about a half hour I hollowed the meat into a bowl and pureed it with our newly acquired hand blender.  I then blended about a 1/2 cup of honey into a 1/2 cup cream over very low heat and slowly stirred in the squash puree.  Then placed the mixture in the fridge to cool for a half hour before pouring into the ole ice cream maker !  As the winter squash ice cream churned I roasted the seeds from the squash with a table spoon of honey and a dollop of sunflower oil.  I then took a small chunk of Mother Oven bread and cubed it... placed it on a lightly buttered pan and poured a 1/4 cup of apple cider into the pan to moisten the bread and add a slight sweet tang. As you can see it looked as amazing as it tasted... and the extra few steps to make the cider syrup and the roasted seeds made the dessert a much more complex dish than we typically pull together !  A keeper for sure !

Transportation Today
Errands : 3 miles Walking 

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