Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 016 LocalrootZ Project (January 16, 2010)

 Maine Shrimp Omelet
w/ Sunflower Shoots & Goat Cheese
Side of Red Norland & Yukon Gold Homefries
Spelt Toast
Glass of Apple Cider

Cranberry Blueberry Apple Crisp
  topped w/ Maple Ice Cream

Today was a studio day... Woke up early to make sure the studio was ready to go... all swept and organized.  After an brisk morning bike ride around the peninsula I was home with food for the kitties and a growing hunger in my belly.  As Cassi awoke from her morning slumber I was fast at work in the kitchen.  Gathering up the "need to use" ingredients from the fridge and pumping out my standard omelet and homefry weekend breakfast.  After engorging ourselves, I was fast to work in the studio while Cassi took the initiative to prepare dessert !  I think she knew if she left it up to me it might get put on the backburner... meaning she would come home from work later with nothing to eat but a couple paintings on my wall... regardless she did a wonderful job, even adding a handful of frozen blueberries we had in the freezer from August.  Little by little Cassi is starting to get a more comfortable in the kitchen. 

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