Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 006 LocalrootZ Project (January 06, 2010)

2 Eggs Sunnyside Up
over pea shoots
w/ a slice of Spelt Bread
and Marfax Beandip

Smith's Farm Maple Yogurt
Grilled Spelt Bread
w/ Raw Cheddar Cheese

Boiled Yukon Golds, Carrots & Cabbage
w/ Maine Shrimp and Sea Salt
Glass of Bartlett's Coastal White


and then we took the plunge !


Raw Oyster's

Yup raw oysters.... I had mentioned to Cassi, after coming home from picking up the cusk last night at Haborfish Market down on the wharf, that I was kinda eyeing up the oysters while I was browsing dinner and she seemed a bit intrigued however stated "Cooked right?"  I honestly wasn't sure just how they should be prepared but was preparing myself to find out... before work I was googling them to try pump myself up for taking the plunge.  After work I arrived home famished from a draining commute (more about that in my next bicycle posting) to find an also hungry Cassi asking "What are we cooking tonight?"  I told her my idea for a simple boiled dinner and she made a great suggestion to add some shrimp !  Great, but that meant we gotta take a hike down to the wharf to the fish market... for a little energy in the belly we cooked up a couple quick grilled cheeses.  At the market we ordered up a pound of Maine shrimp, as we were waiting we started inspecting the oyster selection, Cassi gave the nod to grab a pair of the Damriscotta variety and give it a shot but still was pretty adamant about cooking hers.  I had made up my mind that I was gonna hit it raw the traditional way and as most Mainers will tell you the only way !  After making our selections our friendly fish monger behind the counter came over to answer me a few questions about the art of oysters.  Being regulars at the market he was a bit surprised and excited that we hadn't tried oyster yet !  He added a handful more oysters into our bag and gave us his favorite variety of St. Johns oysters and told me they were on the house and reiterated the fact that they most definately should be eaten raw! Score ! It pays off to be a friendly patient customer sometimes... anyhow off we went with a newly purchased oyster shucker, a handful of oysters, and the shrimp.  At home we prepared dinner and I convinced Cassi to try them raw....

First off they are quite tuff to open, next time I go down to the market I have to ask if there is a trick...
But once they were opened Cassi was getting a bit hesitant but after toasting our maiden voyage into the world of oyster I think we were both pleasantly surprised with the taste.  They were a bit salty but after the first one we rinsed them and it mellowed the saltiness out to open up the fresh quality of the oyster. Im hooked, can't get em off my mind.  More to come on the oyster front !

Transportation Today
Work Commute : 15 miles Bicycle
Errands : 3 miles Walking

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