Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 003 LocalrootZ Project (January 03, 2010)

Maine Shrimp & Lacinato Kale Omelet
w/ garlic and Gouda cheese
Celeriac Root & German Butterball Homefries
Glass of Apple Cider

Maine Shrimp Stir Fry
mixture of fresh shrimp, wheat berries, parsnips, beets
delicata squash, onion & garlic
w/ a touch of curry powder*
(pictured below)

Cornmeal Buckwheat crackers
w/ Marfax Bean Dip

Herbed Popcorn 
w/ Maine Sea Salt

Maine Shrimp Stir Fry

It has been snowing here four four days only amounting to 8-10" but the greyness has made me sluggish for Sunday.  Looking forward to getting back on the bicycle tomorrow morning after taking the last two days off from the pedals.  Luckily I had hiked through the storm yesterday afternoon in preparation for a snowy sunday and purchased a pound of fresh Maine shrimp meat !  Yes it is shrimp season and these little guys will help us get cheap protein through this root vegetable season...which essentially could last another 4-5 months before the greens start rolling in... thats right the last pieces of baby kale made it into the omlete for breakfast and I pondered the lack of greens as my final chews were made ! Gonna try and start a salad bowl window box to grow some micro greens, theres an idea ! More on that in the future, it will require putting in an order for some seed first.  On the homade cracker front... todays batch was better than yesterdays but my flour situation is a little scarce till my COMOC order comes through with some classic whole wheat flour.  As of now I just have frozen rye, buckwheat and cornmeal kicking around in the cupboard.  They have been making a very difficult dough to roll... seems its always becomes to dry or wet but never just right.  Ill lay down a recipe once i find the right measurements, I was making great ones this spring but every batch of flour reacts differently.

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