Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 002 LocalrootZ Project (January 2nd, 2010)

(see pictured below)
Baby Lacinato Kale & Lobster Omelete
w/ German Butterball Homefries

Cup of Coffee*
Glass of Cider

Herbed Popcorn 
w/ Maine Sea Salt
Rye Crackers w/ Echo Ridge Cheese

Baked Cranberry Apple w/ Oats
topped w/ Maple Ice Cream

Having the left over lobster from the evening before I was sure it would find its way into breakfast !  A perfect omelet with just the right amount of kale, garlic & lobster sauteed in my favorite Nezinscot Raw Butter that I had picked up during a snowy morning excursion for eggs that led me down the street to Aurora Provisions.  They are a great neighborhood eatery that uses quite a few local ingredients and even occasionally carry select local produce such as squash, apples, peaches etc.  They also have a constant stock of local organic eggs from Sally @ Sunset Acres in Cumberland as well as a nice selection of locally made cheeses.
Now on to the popcorn... Native Maine popcorn grown in Richmond, ME.  What a great afternoon snack, especially when you pop it in Henry's Organic Sunflower Oil from Bull Ridge Farm in Albion ME.  Drizzled with Nezinscot raw butter thats been sauteed with dried sage, basil, chervil & rosemary !

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