Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project Local RootZ (Day Thirty Six)

Day Thirty Six's Consumption

June 05, 2009.

Rough Cut Oats
w/ blueberry butter, cranberries & honey

Spelt Rosemary Crackers
& Rye Savory Crackers

Baked Scallops
w/ Asparagus
Glass of Sweet Grass Cranberry Apple Wine

"Local r ootZ"
Opening Snacks
Spelt Rosemary Crackers
& Rye Savory Crackers
Assorted Pineland Farm, Smiling Hill
Farm and Sonnental Farm Cheeses

Soldier / Yellow Eye Bean Dip
w/ Sea Salt

Kraut Salad
*New Leaf Farm Mesculin
Olivia's Garden Tomatoes
& Cukes, Thirty Acre Farm
Pea Shoots & Rubykraut
w/ Sunset Acres Goat Cheese

* A very special thanks for the tasty mix donated by Dave and Chris Colson and the whole New Leaf Farm Crew !
learn more about their farm @

Today was a great day, though the morning started off with a bit of haste... it was smooth sailing up until the time of the opening. Cassi and I had a nice early dinner that was quick and easy to prepare. I was looking for good substance after baking crackers and mixing bean dip all afternoon...but I was also concerned with ease of preparation. With all those determining factors, I opted on scallops and asparagus. Both bake @ 425* for about 15 minutes and have no prep other than a quick rinse and a sprinkle of salt...accompanied by a nice light sweet grass wine on a warm sunny day ! mmmmmm. From dinner it was off to the Arm Factory for last minute food preparations and the set up of the sound system... and then it was time to open the doors to
" Local rootZ" !

Id would like to take a quick moment and thank each and everyone who came out to the show. There was a good crowd ebbing and flowing throughout the night. Everyone was very gracious and supportive. I especially want to thank everyone for consuming all the food I brought for the event as well as purchasing a large quantity of my newest mix cd !

Give thanks to one and all and stay tuned right here for next crop
of Local root
Z !

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