Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project Local RootZ Continues...

So at the start of this project Cassi and I decided to eat only 100% Maine grown goods. It started as a month long endeavor...however as you can see we have continued on to day 37 so far. The new plan is to stay on the "diet" indefinitely ! We however have decided that we will allow ourselves one "cheat" day a month. A "cheat" day will usually consist of a dinner out at a local restaurant (yes portland has many), or perhaps it may included a BBQ over a friends house or maybe dinner with the parents... As usual stay updated on our progress right here. I will continue updating our daily consumption on a somewhat regular basis.

On another note... anyone who is interested in hopping on board the local train can contact me directly:

Think of how great it could be getting some other Portlanders involved so that maybe we could share duties...this week I make pasta for all of make bread for everyone...someone else makes ice cream... or even maybe trade dinner nights and create a more social interaction with food. Just some ideas people have brought to my attention and I thought I should bring them to yours...

Anyway as always keep it Cognizant and keep it Local.

Wheeeelout for now !

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